I am a passionate and experienced fishing guide with over 30 years of experience in fishing for predator fish such as zander, pike, and perch. I have won numerous competitions and tournaments, and my friends have given me the nickname “Gouddaantje” because of my ability to catch a big beautiful fish or decide a competition at the last moment.


Growing up in a family of fishermen I have learned from a young age how to find the best fishing spots. After years of fishing for any type of fish I could catch, I have developed my own style of fishing and now mainly focussed on predator fish.


I am the owner of GoSnoekbaars, a fishing guide service that offers various fishing excursions. We specialize in finding the best fishing spots and teaching you the tricks. We are happy to adapt to your needs and tell you everything about the best techniques and catch possibilities.


In addition to our fishing guide service, we also have our own webshop Handyfishing.nl and we sell all kinds of products for boats and trailers.


If you are interested in booking a fishing trip or want more information about our services, please feel free contact us. Ofcouse you can also directly book your fishing trip.